Self-Guided Walking Tours Minutes from Our Kamloops BC Apartments

Self guided walking tours near our Kamloops BC apartments

Self-Guided Walking Tours Minutes from Our Kamloops BC Apartments

If you’re growing tired of being stuck in your Kamloops apartment during COVID-19, why not get out and stretch your legs for a self-guided walking tour? Being a tourist in your own city is a fun way to really get to know the place you call home. You’ll see and experience things that you’d miss during your normal routine and you’ll get a little exercise and relieve the boredom that many of us are feeling right now.

Street Mural Art Tour

Street art is “alive” and a reflection of what’s important to our community. Kamloops has some of the most fabulous street art in BC, especially for a city of its size. We aren’t talking about graffiti here! This is legal, modern art, often painted on an entire side of a building. Artists’ street murals and paintings are colourful, vibrant, fun, and always surprising. Kamloops published a 27-stop walking tour of Kamloops murals, including addresses, information about the art and artist. While you might not have time to visit each stop in a day, you can start at any point in the tour and take in a handful of murals at a time.

McGill Ridge Apartments in Kamloops Southwest Business District is about a 6-minute drive to the start of the tour!

Heritage & Architecture Tour

Kamloops has a long and storied history. The city’s growth is tied to the gold rush and the construction of the Canadian Pacific Railway, which reached Kamloops in 1885. The name “Kamloops” is derived from the Secwepemc people’s settlement of “Tk’emlups”, which translates to “meeting of the waters”, namely the junction of the North and South Thompson rivers. The name was first anglicized as “Fort Kamloops”, a Hudson’s Bay trading post. The City of Kamloops incorporated in 1893 and some of its historical buildings still exist.

Tourism Kamloops has published a self-guided heritage walking tour with stops at 30 heritage sites along the way. You probably wouldn’t want to walk the entire tour in one outing, so you can start and end the tour where you want. The first heritage site is the Federal Building at 207 Victoria Street – which is about a 7-minute drive, 17-minute bus trip, or 35-minute walk from our Kamloops apartment rentals.

Kamloops Viewpoints: 5 Parks in 5 Days

There are many beautiful views of the city and nature from many of the city’s parks. You can see all of them on Google Maps. If you love nature, taking in picture-postcard scenery, and a little exercise, you don’t have to travel far to get your fill! You could challenge yourself to visit 5 parks in 5 days.

Kamloops Viewpoint
Drive: 7 minutes.
Bus: 21 minutes.
Walk: 37 minutes.
View map and directions.

Kenna Cartwright Park
Drive: 7 minutes.
Bus: 20 minutes.
Walk: if you are adventurous and fit, you could walk, though it takes about an hour. If you don’t drive, a bus from Dalhousie and McGill Road, very near our apartments, will get you there in about 25 minutes.
View map and directions.

Peterson Creek Park
Drive: 7 minutes.
Bus: 22 minutes.
Walk: 37 minutes.
View map and directions.

Riverside Park
Drive: 10 minutes.
Bus: 15 minutes.
Walk: 30 minutes.
View map and directions.

Sunset Trail Lookout
Drive: 9 minutes.
Bus: no bus to trail lookout.
Walk: walking to sunset trail is possible though it would take 1.5 hours.
View map and directions.

Rent a Kamloops Apartment that’s 5 Minutes to Everywhere!

If you’re looking for an apartment for rent in Kamloops, BC that has convenient access to most areas of the city, you’ll love McGill Ridge Apartments! We like to say that our apartments are “5-minutes to everywhere!”, because few rental apartments are so conveniently located. Our apartments are a stone’s throw from TRU, close to many services, shopping, restaurants, and nature.

If you’d like to rent an apartment, first look at our apartment floor plans. Then, submit a Request Apartment Availability form. We’ll contact you within two business days with next steps.