Share a 2 Bedroom Apartment with a TRU Student

2 bedroom floor plan at McGill Ridge Apartments in Kamloops

Share a 2 Bedroom Apartment with a TRU Student

If you’re considering an apartment rental in Kamloops but are concerned about carrying the expense of rent on your own, you could share a 2 bedroom apartment with a TRU student and split the cost of rent and utilities.

Each year, hundreds of students look for off campus housing near TRU, so finding a housemate isn’t difficult. What can be challenging is finding a housemate who is a good fit.

What Kind of Person is Suited to Sharing an Apartment?

The following are some traits of a good housemate:

Easy going
Has a “live and let live” attitude and doesn’t always have to have things their way.

Not extremely introverted
If you are extremely shy and would rather not interact with your housemate, sharing an apartment is probably not for you.

Pays rent and other expenses on time and does their fair share of cleaning.

Able to negotiate and resolve conflict maturely
Resolves conflict by having a calm, respectful discussion and is willing to work towards solutions that both parties can accept.

Treats others with respect and courtesy.

Trustworthy and dependable
Upholds their responsibilities as a housemate and keeps their word.

Organized and clean
Values a clean and organized shared living spaces (i.e. living room, laundry area, kitchen).

Not addicted to alcohol or substances
Doesn’t abuse alcohol or drugs.

Keeps reasonable hours
Isn’t up all night watching TV or frequently entertaining friends late at night.

Pros of Sharing an Apartment

Whether you’re a non-student that would like to share with a TRU student,  or a student that wants to share off campus housing, sharing a 2-bedroom suite has many benefits:

  • Rent is proportionately more affordable per person than a 1 bedroom apartment
  • Share the cost of utilities (e.g. cable TV, streaming subscriptions, Internet)
  • Share the cost of groceries (optional)
  • Share the cost of furnishings (optional)
  • Larger common area (living space) than a bachelor or 1 bedroom
  • You still have your own room if you need privacy
  • Shared responsibility (i.e. cooking and cleaning)
  • Companionship and friendship
  • Opportunities for making new friends
  • Opportunities for fun, social activities

Cons of Sharing an Apartment

  • You have to depend on your housemate to always pay their share of rent and other expenses
  • You might find that you don’t like your housemate after living with them for awhile
  • If you want lots of privacy, you may have to retreat to your bedroom
  • Noisier and more distractions than when you live alone
  • There will inevitably be some conflict at times that will need to be resolved
  • You may feel like you can’t “be yourself” 100% of the time
  • Your housemate may have very different ideas than you about apartment décor, decorating and furnishings
  • You may find your housemate has habits that are annoying
  • You may not like your housemate’s friends

Share a 2 Bedroom Apartment in Southwest Kamloops Near TRU

McGill Ridge Apartments is a 4-building apartment community in Kamloops Southwest Business District. Our buildings are located within a very short walk to TRU. If you’re looking for a modern 2 bedroom apartment for rent, and would like to book a viewing, please complete our check apartment availability form. A representative will contact you within two business days.