Kamloops Apartment Living Tips & Resources

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Kamloops Apartment Living Tips & Resources

If you’re searching for Kamloops apartment rentals and you’re new to renting, the following tips can help you get the most out of apartment living. Before you view apartments and sign a lease, a little know-how can go a long way to ensuring an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Get to Know the Neighbourhood

Visit the apartment’s neighbourhood or take a virtual tour using Google Maps. The McGill Ridge Apartments amenities page has convenient Google Map links to amenities close to our Kamloops apartments.

Become Familiar with Bus Routes & Streets

Location is arguably the most important “feature” of a rental apartment. A “perfect” apartment isn’t so perfect if its location makes daily travel time consuming and/or frustrating. Make use of Google Maps Directions, Google Transit Maps and the BC Transit Kamloops Trip Planner to check driving and bus travel times to work, school, shopping, services, friends and family.

Talk to Neighbours Before You Sign the Lease

When you view the apartment, talk to tenants you may see during your visit. Ask them about the building, noise, problem tenants, property crime, maintenance, and property management. A friendly chat can reveal any potential concerns or red flags.

Be a Considerate Neighbour

Apartment living means being a little more considerate of neighbours than you’d have to be if you were living in a house. Knowing and abiding by the apartment building’s tenancy rules is a great place to start.

Attempt to Resolve Conflicts with Other Tenants Before They Escalate

Most tenant conflicts can be resolved by respectfully communicating with the other party soon after an issue arises. Don’t let your annoyance fester for weeks before addressing it with the neighbour. Escalate your complaint if the problem continues after it has been discussed. Also keep in mind that if you are a little more forgiving when a neighbour does something that bothers you, they’ll probably be more forgiving when you do something that bothers them. Apartment living sometimes means making small compromises.

Report Maintenance Issues as Soon as Possible

When you do find a suitable apartment in Kamloops, ask the property manager about suite and building maintenance. How quickly do managers respond to maintenance problems? Is there a proactive maintenance plan? If something in the building or your suite is in disrepair or broken, file a report with the property managers right away.

Learn about the responsibilities for upkeep of both tenants and property owners at the BC Residential Tenancy Branch.

Buy Apartment-Sized Furniture and Multi-Functional Furnishings

One way to maximize space in an apartment is by buying apartment-sized furniture and multi-functional furnishings. Read “How to Create More Space in Your Kamloops Apartment” for these and other space-saving tips.

Treat Decks and Balconies Like Another Room

Many renters neglect furnishing balconies and decks; some never use them. If you treat your deck or balcony like another “room” and furnish it, you’ll gain more living space. Take a look at some inspiration for furnishing apartment balconies and decks.

Rent at McGill Ridge Apartments in Kamloops

If you’re looking for a recently built Kamloops apartment in a great location, consider McGill Ridge Apartments. Our apartment community is located just steps from the gates of Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops Southwest Business District. Construction on our third building, “Purcell”, has just been completed and we’re accepting applications now. Check apartment availability at McGill Ridge.