How to Create More Space in Your Kamloops Apartment

1 bedroom: living room

How to Create More Space in Your Kamloops Apartment

If your Kamloops apartment is starting to feel somewhat small, you don’t necessarily have to move into a larger place. Regardless of the number of bedrooms your apartment has the key to spacious feeling small spaces is scale, multi-functional furnishings, and imagination.

By scale, we mean the size of furnishing in your space. Do you really need an overstuffed 3-seater couch, a chunky coffee table and a large TV stand? Multi-functional furniture and furnishings are exactly what the name implies; they perform more than one function. A good example is a storage ottoman. Imagination can help you find ways to save space that might not be readily apparent. Sometimes, visiting websites or searching online for photos of space saving ideas is a great way to go.

While our Kamloops apartments at McGill Ridge were designed to be space efficient and include in-suite storage and a personal storage locker, they can be made to feel that much more spacious by following some of the tips below.

Space Saving Tips

Tall, vertical shelving

Tall shelves take up the same footprint as shorter shelves, so why not go as high as possible?

View tall, vertical shelving on Google.

Storage coffee tables

Coffee tables often have a lot of top surface area, but no storage. By choosing storage coffee tables, you’ll have a place to put knickknacks.

View storage coffee tables on Google.

Storage ottomans

Storage ottoman’s come in many sizes from small 18”-20” cubes to larger, rectangular coffee table sizes. They’re great for storing blankets, magazines, games, and many other items.

View storage ottomans on Google.

Ditch the desktop for a laptop

Desktop computers take up a lot of space. With a desktop, you need space for a desk or table. Then there are all the messy cords and cables. Switching to a laptop saves a huge amount of space! If you’re concerned that you need a larger screen, big screen (17”) laptops are a great option.

Wall mount your TV

Typical TV stands take up a lot of floor space in a living room, den, or bedroom. If you wall mount your TV, you’ll save that space. Wall-mount arms are easily removed, though be aware that when you move out, you may have to pay for paint and repairs to hide and fill marks and holes left by the mounting bracket screws, which are typically fairly large to support the weight of larger TVs. Check with your Kamloops apartment rental manager to find out whether painting and minor wall repairs would be considered “normal wear and tear”.

View TV wall mounts on Google.

Smaller seating

While a 6-seater L-shaped sofa and full-sized armchairs may look great, you give up a lot of space to have them in an apartment. There are smaller seating choices available, and you don’t have to sacrifice comfort.

View small living chairs and couches on Google.

Lift bed, platform bed, or underbed storage
Platform beds and lift beds give you storage for linens and anything else you’d like to store. A less costly option is rollout underbed storage that can be purchased from your favourite Swedish furniture store.

View lift beds/platform beds and underbed storage on Google.

Folding kitchen table and upholstered dining chairs

A folding kitchen table can help an apartment seem more spacious. Upholstered dining chairs can be used as kitchen chairs and can double as living room seating when you have guests.

View fold-down kitchen tables and upholstered dining chairs on Google.

Store things you don’t use often

Last, but not least, you can reclaim apartment space by renting a small storage unit for belongings you don’t need all the time: seasonal decorations, summer and winter sporting gear, and unused furniture are good candidates for storage. We recommend Valleyview Mini Storage for convenience, security and customer service.

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