4 Reasons to Live in Off-Campus Student Housing in Kamloops

1 bedroom: kitchen, dining area, living room

4 Reasons to Live in Off-Campus Student Housing in Kamloops

If you’re a TRU student wondering whether you should live in off-campus student housing, there are many benefits to doing so. Living on campus works for some (if there is availability), but if you’re independent, want the freedom to choose how you live, and value fewer distractions, an off-campus student rental may be a better choice.

1 ) Independence and Living on Campus Don’t Mix Well

If by nature, you are an introverted or want to live life on your own terms, living on campus may cramp your style. You’ll have to negotiate various personalities, distractions and may get “cabin fever” because you are never really alone. You’ll spend the bulk of your time “at school” whether you’re in class or at home.

Younger students who haven’t had a taste of independence may welcome the social aspects of life in on-campus student housing, but if you’ve already been out on your own for some time or are a mature student, on-campus living may not suit you.

2) Living Off-Campus Maintains Your Adult Freedoms

When you rent off-campus student housing, you maintain adult freedoms. You’ll be treated as a free, independent adult and not as a “potentially misbehaving” student that needs to be reminded of TRU housing rules and requirements. You’ll still have to be considerate of neighbours and roommates (if you share an apartment with others), but you won’t feel like you’re being watched over.

3) Off-Campus Student Rentals Have Fewer Distractions

If you’re serious about your studies and want to do well in courses, you need to be able focus. If you live on campus, there tend to be many distractions that can break your concentration. Comings and goings of students, noise, and temptations to socialize too much, can lead to bad study habits that result in poor grades. While all students need to socialize and unwind, if you live in off-campus student housing, temptations and distractions from studies will be minimized.

4 ) You Choose Apartment Mates or Live Alone

One of the best things about off-campus apartment rentals is the freedom to choose who you live with. In TRU housing, you may have your own room, but you’ll share common spaces with three other students, with no say in who lives in your quad. Furthermore, in on-campus housing, hundreds of other students also live in the building.

In an off-campus student rental apartment, you can choose to live alone or choose your own apartment mates. You have complete control over who you share with.

Student Housing Options at McGill Ridge Apartments

McGill Ridge Apartments has many options suitable for TRU students. If you want to live alone, consider a studio. If you’d like to share, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment. The choice is yours. Our buildings are located in Kamloops Southwest Business district, just steps from the TRU campus. To find out what we have available, please submit a Request Apartment Availability form. We’ll contact you within two business days.