3 Resolutions You Can Make to Organize Your Kamloops Apartment in 2022

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3 Resolutions You Can Make to Organize Your Kamloops Apartment in 2022

Most Kamloops apartment renters would agree that more space is always needed regardless of the size of apartment you rent.

Although McGill Ridge Apartments, located in Kamloops southwest business district, offers a free storage locker for each unit, lockers can fill up pretty quickly. In this post, we’ll provide a few timely apartment organization resolutions for the new year that will help you keep your suite and storage locker free of clutter or seldom-used belongings.

Create More Space in Your Apartment

In our blog post “Space Saving Tips for Kamloops Apartment Living” we provided a few tips for creating more space in your suite. If you don’t have time to read the entire article, following is a quick overview:

Buy multifunctional furnishings

Purchase multi-functional furnishings like coffee tables that have storage, storage ottomans and benches, or other seating with built-in storage.

Buy apartment size furniture

Instead of buying full size, overstuffed furniture, buy apartment-size couches and chairs.

Buy tall shelving

“Going vertical” is a great way to create more storage space. You can purchase tall living room shelving with adjustable shelves. Some shelves come with drawers that will reduce a lot of clutter.

Store Christmas Decorations

Christmas has been over for a month and yet, if you’re like many, you still have boxes and bobbles hanging around cluttering your apartment closets or stashed under your bed. The following are a few ideas for storing decorations.


Purchase cheap ornament storage boxes or make your own using shallow sweater boxes with homemade cardboard dividers.

As an alternative, use empty plastic or paper coffee cups (with lids) as ornament storage. Using cups all of the same size, you can easily stack rows of cups in a small box. Make sure you mark the box “fragile”.

Lights and garlands

Wrap Christmas lights cords (keeping bulbs on) around a spool. Make do-it-yourself spools out of rigid, slotted cardboard.

View more Christmas decoration storage tips from our friends at Valleyview Mini Storage.

Prepare for Spring Cleaning

One of the most effective ways of creating more space in your apartment is to first identify those belongings that you either don’t want to keep or seldom use.

Walk around your suite and start labelling belongings that are obvious clutter. Don’t forget to check closets and under beds! Label items with a label marked “SELL”, “GIVE AWAY”, “TRASH” or “STORE”. Do the same thing with belongings in your storage locker. In this preparation step, you don’t need to do anything except label items. When spring comes, sell items on Craigslist, give items away to family, friends or a thrift store, and dispose of belongings labelled “TRASH”. After doing this, all that remains is storing items marked “STORE” – either in your apartment storage or a mini storage rental. Valleyview Mini Storage has many small storage unit sizes that are perfect for Kamloops apartment renters.

Rent a Modern Kamloops Apartment

McGill Ridge is a new Kamloops apartment community located just steps from TRU. Due to our convenient location, we like to say our apartments are “5-Minutes to Everywhere”. If you’d like to live in a growing community with quick access to the rest of Kamloops, consider McGill Ridge. We have rental suites available in two buildings, and a third building opening for rent in March 2022. If you’d like to rent an apartment, view our floor plans and pricing and complete a Request Apartment Availability form.