Space Saving Tips for Kamloops Apartment Living

1 bedroom: kitchen, dining area, living room

Space Saving Tips for Kamloops Apartment Living

While our Kamloops apartments offer space-efficient design and in-building storage for each suite, there are many ways you can keep your apartment clutter free and feeling spacious and open. If you ask renters to name something they wish their apartment had, many will answer “more space”. Humans are really good at accumulating belongings, but not always so good at organizing belongings, and the longer you live in apartment, the more things you’ll likely acquire.

McGill Ridge – A Growing Kamloops Apartment Community

McGill Ridge is located in the Kamloops Southwest Business District steps from the main gates of Thompson Rivers University. Our Kamloops apartment community is comprised of two completed buildings, Selkirk and Monashee; and a third, the Purcell Building, which is under construction and will be completed in early 2022. McGill Ridge currently has 102 rental apartments. With the completion of the Purcell Building, there will be a total of 166 rentals.

Watch a 360° virtual tour of a 1-bedroom apartment at McGill Ridge:

1 bedroom virtual tour

Space-Saving Tips

The following are space-saving tips that will create more space in your apartment and minimize clutter.

Multifunctional Living Room Furnishings with Built-In Storage

These days, it’s easy to find multi-use furnishings that combine their primary function with additional storage. Common multi-functional furnishings include:

Scaled Down Furniture

Furniture doesn’t have to oversized or overstuffed to be comfy. Small apartment furniture, such as sofas and armchairs, are readily available and often cost less than their larger counterparts. Occasional chairs can serve double duty in the dining area and living room.

Tall Shelving with Adjustable Height Shelves

A tall bookshelf with adjustable-height shelves and built-in storage cabinet will accommodate your books, magazines, vases, framed family photos, and other items you wish to hide away.

Underbed Storage

Underbed storage can be used for linens, clothing or anything else that will fit in a space with shallow height. Underbed storage is available in wood, rattan, textiles, MDF board, and plastic.

Keep Your Building Storage Under Control

Unlike many Kamloops apartments, McGill Ridge provides tenants with secure personal storage units (with FOB-only access) that are a spacious 5’ x 10’ or larger. No dangerous goods, flammables, perishables items are permitted.

Personal building storage sometimes becomes a dumping ground for belongings you don’t want to deal with. If you take the time to donate, sell, or give away items you no longer wish to keep, you could free up more space.

Share a Self-Storage Unit with a Friend or Relative

Lastly, if you put some of our space-saving ideas to use and would still like to have more space, you could team up with a friend or relative and share self-storage at Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops. Valleyview Storage has over forty-five different storage unit sizes, so you’ll be able to find the right sized storage unit for your needs.

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