What Every 1 Bedroom Apartment in Kamloops Should Have

1 bedroom apartments for rent

What Every 1 Bedroom Apartment in Kamloops Should Have

If you’re searching for a 1 bedroom apartment for rent in Kamloops, unfortunately your quest may result in frustration and disappointment. New Kamloops apartments in a good neighbourhood and central location are hard to come by, so many apartment hunters settle for what they can get. The compromise is usually one of two scenarios: you’ll find a new apartment, but it’s not in a good neighbourhood, or, you’ll find an apartment in a good neighbourhood, but it’s old and has outdated amenities.

If, on the other hand, you rent a 1 bedroom apartment at McGill Ridge, you’ll be living in a brand new building that has modern amenities and is located in a great neighbourhood, close to shopping, restaurants and activities with easy access to the rest of Kamloops. The convenience of our location is why the McGill Ridge Apartments tagline is “5 Minutes to Everywhere”.

McGill Ridge is in the TRU neighbourhood – less than a 1-minute walk from the university gates. The central location makes it a great choice for those who want a new apartment that provides convenient access to everything they need. If you work at TRU, in the Western Business District, or Lower Sahali, your apartment will be within walking distance, or a very short bus ride, to work. If you’re a student at TRU, you couldn’t live any closer without being on campus!

Comparing McGill Ridge 1 Bedroom Apartments to Others

Below is a quick comparison of typical 1 bedroom apartments with a 1 bedroom at McGill Ridge.

Typical 1 Bedroom Apartment McGill Ridge 1 Bedroom Apartment
Old building Brand new building
Badly upkept suites Clean new suites
No in-suite laundry Your own in-suite washer and dryer
Carpeting or cheap flooring High-quality engineered plank flooring
Some balconies, some garden patios Garden-level patio or balcony for each suite
Outdated, cramped layout Well-designed, space-efficient layout
No fitness room New fitness room with latest equipment
Lack of outdoor living spaces Shared barbecue and picnic area
No video surveillance Latest in video surveillance
Outdated and/or minimal building security FOB key entry and on-site manager
Few on-site parking spots Plenty of on-site parking available
No bike storage or insecure bike storage Secure bike storage
No storage locker or one you pay extra for one Personal storage locker included in your rent
Poorly maintained grounds Beautifully maintained green spaces
Inconvenience access to transit Bus stops in front of building
Inconvenient access to the rest of Kamloops Easy access to the rest of Kamloops
No shopping nearby Shopping in neighbourhood or a short walk
No restaurants nearby Many nearby restaurants
No fitness centres nearby Several fitness centres nearby

Rent a New 1 Bedroom Apartment in Kamloops

Our first building at 891 McGill Road opened in August. The second building, 877 McGill Road, opened in November and there are more to come in the near future. If you’re in the market for a 1 bedroom apartment, complete our Request Apartment Availability form. We’ll let you know what’s available and contact you about next steps in the application process.