Top 5 Ways to Save Money While Renting a Kamloops Apartment

Save money when renting a Kamloops apartment

Top 5 Ways to Save Money While Renting a Kamloops Apartment

If you rent a Kamloops apartment, there are many things you can do to save money and simplify your life. The following are a few easy ways for apartment renters to cut costs.

1) Find an Apartment Mate and Split Rent and Food Costs

While this tip is obvious, it’s worth mentioning. If you are reluctant to live with an apartment mate, the savings in rent and food may make you change your mind. Search Craigslist Kamloops for apartment roommates or read online want ads from people looking for an apartment mate in Kamloops.

2) Create a Home Office and Meet Remotely

If you’re a freelancer or consultant and you rent an office, consider creating a home office instead and host meetings with free meeting apps like Google Meet or Skype. If you are single, you might consider renting a 1-bedroom plus study. Not only will you save on an office lease, but you also cut travel costs and save time.

3) Use Streaming Services Instead of Cable TV Bundles

Cable TV is expensive and can’t compete with streaming services on price. Cable TV packages are often bundled, and to get channels you want, you may have to choose a bundle that also includes many channels you may never watch. Unfortunately, you typically can’t pick channels à la carte. A decent cable package may cost over $150/month, whereas you can subscribe to 4 or 5 streaming services for half of that cost.

If you subscribe to Netflix, Prime, BritBox, or Disney + you’ll have vast choices of entertainment. If you think you’ll miss local news, don’t worry, Prime offers live streaming of Global News programming. If you think by cutting the cable you’ll miss PBS or Knowledge Network, you can stream these for free via the PBS app or Knowledge app.

4) Rent an Apartment Close to Work, Walk or Use Transit

If you work in Kamloops, an apartment close to work can dramatically reduce travel-related costs including transit, gas, parking and vehicle maintenance.

5) Track Expenses for a Month & Create a Budget

You may avoid thinking about how much you spend because of the anxiety it provokes. However, tracking expenses for just one month will teach you a lot about your spending habits and will show you where you can cut down. There are many free budgeting apps for iPhone and Android.

Bonus Tip: Save Coupons

Couponing isn’t just for self-proclaimed “extreme couponers”. With coupons, you can save money on groceries, sundries, and many services. Store coupons are the easiest place to start. Read “How to Coupon: A Beginner’s Guide”. Download one of many apps for couponing in Canada.

McGill Ridge Kamloops Apartment Community

The McGill Ridge Kamloops apartment community is located steps from TRU in the Southwest Business District. Our four apartment buildings offer tenants beautifully-designed suites with modern appliances and conveniences, located in a growing and central neighbourhood. If you’d like to rent with us, please view floor plans and pricing then send a Request Apartment Availability form. We’ll contact you in two business days.