Maximizing Space in Your Kamloops Apartment Storage: Tips and Local Resources for Selling, Recycling & Donating Unused Belongings

A clutter free apartment in Kamloops

Maximizing Space in Your Kamloops Apartment Storage: Tips and Local Resources for Selling, Recycling & Donating Unused Belongings

Kamloops is beautiful city offering its citizens awe-inspiring natural landscapes and modern city living without the hustle and bustle of larger urban centres. As in any city, Kamloops apartment renters face challenges keeping living and storage spaces clutter free.

This blog post will help you:

  • Maximize space in your apartment storage locker
  • Maximize space by decluttering and using clever apartment storage

Maximize Space in Your Apartment Storage Locker

Many Kamloops apartment buildings offer renters in-building storage lockers. Typically, apartment storage lockers are a few feet wide by six to eight feet high.

At McGill Ridge Apartments, every suite comes with its own locker – located in the basement of each of our buildings. Lockers are approximately 4’x4’ W x 6’ H.

Storage locker space-saving tips:

  • Store only those belongings you know you’ll need
  • Declutter before placing items in the locker (sell, recycle, or donate unused belongings)
  • Purchase stackable storage boxes for organizing items in the locker
  • Spring clean your locker annually

Maximize Space with Clever Apartment Storage

Keep your apartment clutter-free so you don’t have to move items to your storage locker to make more space in your suite.  The following apartment storage tips will create a lot of space:

Declutter Your Apartment the Easy Way

Getting started is often the hardest part of decluttering. Before you do anything, make a list of:

  • Items you don’t use or seldomly use
  • Unused belongings you could sell
  • Unused items you can donate to charities

When you have a list, box things up or put them aside and label them with either “sell”, “donate” or “recycle”. Make decluttering easy by taking small steps. Sell, donate or recycle one labelled box or item every month. In just a few months your place will be clutter-free.

Places to sell, donate or recycle in Kamloops:

If you have items you’d like to keep but don’t have room for them, consider renting a small storage unit at Valleyview Mini Storage in Kamloops.

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