Looking for a Kamloops Apartment Rental? Watch Out for These Warning Signs

Kamloops apartment warning signs

Looking for a Kamloops Apartment Rental? Watch Out for These Warning Signs

If you’re in the market for a Kamloops apartment rental, the following checklist will help you identify tell-tale warning signs that could save you some headaches in the future. Unfortunately, many renters aren’t as discerning as they could be, because it’s difficult to be “picky” in a rental market with vacancy rates of about 1.3%. With so much demand and minimal supply, renters are frequently forced to take what they can get.

When searching for clean, modern apartments in Kamloops, it’s important to exercise patience and carefully assess each apartment you look at.

Kamloops Apartment Rental Warning Signs Checklist

Undesirable or Inconvenient Neighbourhood

Watch out for:

  • Few or no local shopping or services choices
  • Few or no restaurants
  • No parks nearby
  • Inconvenient access to transit
  • Main thoroughfares too far from the apartment building
  • Neighborhood is old and run down

Poor Building Condition

A building that is in poor condition may be a sign that the apartment’s suites aren’t well maintained either.

Watch out for:

  • No greenery or landscaping
  • Messy garbage area
  • Renters storing items on balconies
  • Unkempt building exterior
  • Old exterior paint
  • Broken or leaning fences
  • Unkempt lawns or dying foliage
  • Water stains on exterior stucco or siding (could be a sign of water ingress or mildew issues)

Sub-par Building Amenities

While many Kamloops apartment rentals have shared facilities and amenities, they’re only useful if they’re maintained.

Watch out for:

  • No laundry room or too few and/or old machines
  • No common rooms or fitness rooms, outdated fitness equipment
  • Inconvenient, insecure or cramped building storage
  • No secure bike storage
  • No parking available

Poor Building Security

Watch out for:

  • Poor lighting at entrances and parking areas
  • No video surveillance
  • Lax security policies (people propping entrance doors open, allowing entry via intercom)

Inattentive Owner

Ask the owner or owner’s agent/manager:

  • How easy they are to reach
  • How quickly they address maintenance issues
  • Who does maintenance, upkeep or upgrades (a “DIY” owner/manager or a professional?)

Poor Tenant Vetting or Lax Tenancy Rules

While you may find a dream apartment in Kamloops, that dream can become a nightmare if the building’s has poor tenancy guidelines.

Watch out for:

  • Noisy neighbours (ask the manager or a tenant if it’s a noisy building)
  • Lax or no noise rules or pet rules
  • Subletting allowed
  • Lax or no visitor policies

Sub-par Apartment Amenities

Watch out for:

  • Old paint or wallpaper, cracked or stained walls
  • Old front door locks, no deadbolt
  • Worn or stained carpeting
  • Cracked linoleum or vinyl flooring
  • Old or broken appliances
  • Few and/or small kitchen cupboards
  • Faulty or dripping bathroom and/or kitchen plumbing (remember to look under sinks for stains or wet areas that may indicate slow leaks)
  • Mildew stains, mildew odours (particularly in bathrooms)
  • No bathroom storage
  • Broken or missing ceramic tiles in kitchen or bathroom
  • Broken windows, sticking doors
  • Lack of in-suite storage
  • Poor lighting and lack of ambient light from windows
  • Few electrical outlets
  • No or poor cable TV/Internet/Wi-Fi access
  • Inefficient heating

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