Kamloops Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips & Resources

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Kamloops Apartment Spring Cleaning Tips & Resources

If you’re considering spring cleaning your Kamloops apartment and are procrastinating because you find it daunting, we hope this blog post provides some help.

The following tips are provided by McGill Ridge Apartments in Kamloops – a modern apartment community located just steps from the gates of Thompson Rivers University.

Make a Spring Cleaning Checklist

People avoid tasks like spring cleaning for many reasons. They may feel overwhelmed, are not sure where to start, don’t have a plan, or all of the aforementioned. A “plan” can be as simple as notes on paper or a checklist. People use checklists to track tasks because they work! Atul Gawande’s best seller “The Checklist Manifesto” demonstrates how checklists improve productivity and outcomes.

Checklists work because:

  • They force you to break down larger tasks into more easily digestible steps
  • Once an items is listed on a checklist, you free up your mind for other things and reduce anxiety
  • Checklists help you visualize all that is required to get the job done
  • Checklists keep you organized and allow you to plan sequentially

Spring Cleaning Steps

If you tackle spring cleaning your Kamloops apartment in the following order, it will go much more smoothly than a haphazard approach.

1) Gather Cleaning Supplies

  • Dust rags or microfiber dust cloths
  • Sponges
  • Rubber gloves
  • Mop and bucket
  • Household spray cleaner
  • Moving boxes and packing supplies (if you plan to move seldom-used or seasonal belongings to a storage facility.

2) Declutter

Declutter before you clean. Spring cleaning is the perfect time to sell, give away or store items that are seldom used or no longer needed. Decluttering gives you more space and makes apartment living easier!

3) Move Seldom-Used or Seasonal Belongings to Storage

Any seldom-used belongings that you want to keep but don’t need in your apartment year round can be moved to storage. If your apartment storage is full, our friends at Valleyview Mini Storage have many storage unit sizes available and students can get a 25% discount when they prepay storage fees.
Google map and directions.

4) Start Cleaning!

Once you’ve gathered cleaning supplies, decluttered and moved items to storage, let the cleaning begin! You’ll find that apartment cleaning will go much more quickly because you’ve planned it on paper first.

Resources for Kamloops Apartment Spring Cleaning

Clothing and household goods donations

Mustard Seed Thrift Store
Google map and directions.

Simply the Best Thrift Store
Google map and directions.

Flutter Buys Thrift Store
Google map and directions.

Salvation Army Thrift Store
Sadly, after 100+ years of service to the Kamloops community, Salvation Army Thrift Store has closed permanently because of factors related the pandemic.

Electronics recycling

Vision Electronics
Google map and directions.

General Grant’s Recycling Centres – North Shore (full collection site)
Google map and directions.

Lorne Street Bottle Depot
Google map and directions.

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