Free or Low-Cost Fitness for Apartment Renters in Kamloops

Free fitness for Kamloops apartment tenants

Free or Low-Cost Fitness for Apartment Renters in Kamloops

If you rent an apartment in Kamloops and you’d like to stay in shape while saving money on expensive fitness classes and equipment, there are many free fitness options.

Most apartments don’t have much room for fitness equipment. You might have space for a spin bike or stepper, but a full set of weights, weight bench or home gym will probably take up too much space.

The following are a few free or low-cost fitness ideas that are perfect for apartment living.

Use Your Apartment Fitness Centre

Some Kamloops apartment rentals include access to a fitness room. Each building at McGill Ridge Apartments has a fitness room with a collection of fitness equipment: exercise bike, multi-exercise functional trainer, dip bar and pull-up station, dumbbells and weight bench, and exercise mats. Apartment fitness rooms are rarely busy, so if you’re an introvert who shies away from fitness facilities, you’ll probably feel a bit more at ease in our fitness centre.

Bike to Work, School or Shopping

Biking has many health benefits. Cycling regularly improves heart health, strength, stamina and mobility, while also reducing stress. If you don’t have a bike, good used bikes are plentiful on Craigslist Kamloops. If you want to transport groceries or belongings in a way that’s eco-friendly and healthy, buy a cheap pair of waterproof panniers (bike bags) online.

Download the City of Kamloops bike lane and bikeway map.
Take a free StreetWise Cycling Online safety course at

If you rent at McGill Ridge Apartments in the Kamloops TRU neighbourhood, services, shopping, and recreation all just a few minutes away by bike.

Body Weight Exercises

As the name implies, body weight exercises use your own body’s weight for resistance and usually don’t require any other equipment. Body weight exercises require minimal space, which makes them apartment-friendly!

View basic body weight workouts YouTube. There are also many free or low-cost body weight exercise apps at the Apple app store or on Google Play (for Android users).

Resistance Band Exercises

Resistance bands are a space-saving solution for apartment renters who’d like to do resistance training but don’t have room for a home gym or weight set. A decent set of resistance tube bands with attachable handles, ranges from $25-$50.

On YouTube, there are hundreds (if not thousands) of resistance band instruction and workout videos – everything from basic exercises to complete resistance band training programs.

Visit Discipline Dave’s Resistance Band channel and learn resistance band basics and much more. The channel has tens of well-produced follow-along workout videos with detailed instruction on technique and equipment.

Low Cost Fitness Facilities Near Our Kamloops Apartment Community

City of Kamloops fitness and recreation facilities offer reasonably-priced fitness, dance and swimming. At under $7 per session, drop-in fitness classes are affordable for most people.

Westsyde Pool & Fitness Centre drop-in rates are about $6.00 per session.

Kamloops YMCA offers many fitness classes for all ages. Drop-in rates for adults are about $10.

Rent at McGill Ridge Apartments & Enjoy Our Free Fitness Room

If you rent an apartment at McGill Ridge, not only will you enjoy living in a beautifully-designed, well-maintained building, you’ll also have free access to our fitness room. If you’d like to rent, please complete a Request Apartment Availability form.